Aleksey Kisyakov, Head of Project Management Oddspedia.

Oddspedia was founded in 2014, and the main goal of the company is to provide valuable, competitive and user-friendly services for betting fans, players and publishers. 

Oddspedia.com is one of the leading sports sites in the world. We started purely as an odds comparison platform, but we took a broader view of our niche and expanded our project to cover all sports fans’ interests. Any person who loves any sport, league or supports their favourite team is our target client. But we also do not forget about our main goal, smoothly and unobtrusively to turn our clients into clients of our partners – bookmakers. 

The Chief project Manager Kisyakov said “We have created many tools to achieve this. Of course, a comparison of the best odds and their derivatives, such as an arbitrage betting service or dropping odds, is still our primary focus. Another important instrument is a geo-targeted rating of the best bookmakers. Finding the best bonus offers and free live streaming of sports events on the websites of our partners has never been easier.”

Oddspedia.com is our main and showcase project, but as an affiliate company, we are thinking much broader. We have a great portfolio in the casino affiliate niche where we cover all major topics via different projects.

Another promising direction for us is working with other publishers and providing them with valuable free resources – sports widgets and data feeds via API. We have decided to support the whole niche and in the meanwhile to popularize our brand and odds comparison via our free products. We already have more than 100 projects using our widgets, and the number is constantly growing.

Quality and scale of traffic 

Oddspedia.com is an international project, with visitors from 211 countries! Our traffic is particularly targeted at sports fans and bettors, and that is why it is very attractive for our partners (the betting operators from around the world) as well. 

We offer 5 different language versions, but have also fully adapted them to local customers. For instance, our German customers can see in one click betting odds with or without betting tax, which is applicable to the German market. 

We have millions of visitors across our projects, and this number is constantly growing. Users that are coming from Search Engines convert into regular customers because of the quality of the product. We see a very healthy balance behind direct social media engagement and search engine traffic. Our expectations are to double our traffic in the next year.


We have huge plans and a roadmap on how to grow within our niche. With the launching of a new version of oddspedia.com, we now actively cover sports, news and betting sections, which will attract sports fans who aren’t gamblers. However, the next step is to build an awesome platform for sports community interaction.


We are striving to be innovative in everything we do. As such, we’d like to take a moment to mention some of the innovations we’ve brought to our platforms: 

Our UI/UX design – is very sleek, modern and functional. We compare 27 main betting markets from 70 bookmakers on 32 sports. This includes both pre-match and in-play betting in real-time! 

Unique geo targeting system – showing the correct bookmakers for each locale was only the first step for us, now we have deep content geotargeting. We reorder sports, leagues and matches in our system, to provide our users with the most popular and interesting information based on their location.

News selection by topic – we provide not only a general news page or sports news, but specific news for each league and match as well.

As a bottom line, I want to say that we are looking at our products and brands not only as traffic sources for betting operators, but also as part of the trendsetters in modern betting. We want and we stand for – gambling to be legal and respected in the modern world!