The Art of Developing Oddspedia


Alexander Angelov, Project Technical Lead, Oddspedia.

Oddspedia – for many years has established itself as one of the most popular online projects for odds comparison and sports information. In the summer of 2020, a new version of the project was launched, that covers much more than just odds comparison and has the ambition to become the leading sports project in the world.

The new Oddspedia lays the foundations for the widest sports coverage, fast livescore, thematic sports news and much more. Project Technical Lead Alexander Angelov will share with us the details of creating a project and insights on solving complex problems in development:

Our project was started 6 years ago as an odds comparison website allowing to compare odds for various sport events worldwide from different bookmakers and giving the opportunity for the user to choose the best offer suitable for him. This functionality was the core of our first version of the project, which allowed us to provide valuable betting tools to our customers like Sure bets, Value bets, Dropping odds, Blocked odds and Blocked matches, which are always free for the users of our website.

In 2019 we decided that our product should expand and focus on a lot more new features and tools, which are useful for our users and the plan for the new version was created. We started developing Oddspedia 2.0 in the beginning of 2020 and we managed to rewrite and prepare everything for the launch of the new version quickly and in the summer of 2020 we successfully launched Oddspedia 2.0.

In the new version of the website we provide detailed information for a lot of sport events from more than 30 sports and not only future events, but also historical data for events from past years. We introduced our news and stats sections, match facts, teams form, team lineups, top scorers, statistics for past events, league standings and more tools, which deliver detailed information to help our users. Of course we did not forget our odds comparison section, which was expanded with more new bookmakers and currently are providing data from more than 80 bookies.

In order to be able to provide all of the information, we are facing a lot of challenges, as all the data has to be collected first, then analysed, combined and at the end presented to our users in the most convenient way for them. We have to comply with the design and the vision of our product.

To create a good odds comparison product we have to combine data from a lot of feeds of different bookmakers which use different platforms, naming standards and data formats. Our job is to combine all the data and transform it to our standards and

needs in order to be able to present it to our users in the most effective and convenient way.

For our sports data, we use several sources of information, which again have to be combined and the data to be verified, in order to be sure that we have the correct information. Of course you cannot always rely on the technology only, that’s why we have a lot of manpower involved in classification and verification of the data we receive.

The challenging part is that our aim is the data to be more precise for every individual user, depending on his location and language. Currently we cover sports fans and bettors from more than 200 different countries with our geo targeting system which shows the user his local bookmakers, based on his location. We have 8 language versions and are working on introducing a lot more.

To achieve all above, we use modern technologies for both the back end and the front end, for databases and servers, so we can withstand the increasing traffic and demand from our users. Meanwhile we are striving to write quality code, which at the end will result in a quality product. I always liked this quote “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

In the near future, we have plans for many more and exciting new features, which will deliver super detailed information about sports, sport events and leagues. We are going to cover the ability for more user’s interaction and our plan is to make our product the best in its segment worldwide.