SOFTSWISS Expert Comment: First Conclusions on iGaming Regulation in Peru

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In 2022, the President of the Republic of Peru signed Law 31557 to regulate online gambling and sports betting in the country. This enactment had a great impact on the iGaming business in Peru. SOFTSWISS Regional Business Development Manager, Jonathan Felix Vilchez, gives his expert view and draws the first conclusions about the resulting changes in the comment below.

The Peruvian gambling market is one of the most lucrative destinations for international investors seeking new grounds to land their projects in the iGaming sector. Over the last five years, the Peruvian market has seen the sports betting and online gaming sector grow exponentially, especially during the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For this reason, in July 2022, the Congress of the republic approved the law to govern remote sports betting and online games. In August of the same year, the government finalised Law No. 31557 to regulate this activity, designating MINCETUR as the regulatory body,  which is currently in the process of preparing the related technical regulations.

With the Law approved, Peru has become the fourth country in the region to regulate this market (after Colombia, Panama and Argentina). According to the preliminary estimates, this sector’s share in the national GDP structure is 0.7% on average and is projected to grow more than 1.5% a year in the coming years. That is why our country, same as Brazil, has become an attractive destination in the region for local and global investments.

As in any other regulatory process, there are some aspects of the law that need to be adjusted and clarified. In this respect, in November 2022, congresswoman Lady Camones presented draft law 3595-2022 which includes a number of important clarifications that, in my opinion, would be a valuable addition to Law 31557 and which, once in force, would help consolidate, grow and mature the Peruvian market to generate more revenue for the state through the rights of use.

So, I expect that this important change will be very productive for the stakeholders and that it will give everyone an insight into the law, the current market, the challenges associated with the enactment and the opportunities for national and international companies in this new phase of the regulated market.
I believe that it is an important opportunity for major global iGaming providers, such as SOFTSWISS, who are committed to the industry and regulated markets, to become part of