Oregon Lottery posts record revenue up 45% to $76.2 million

Sports Betting

The Oregon Lottery reported $76.2 million up 46% in sports betting revenue for May, as its DraftKings-run sportsbook routed the public in record fashion when it came to parlay wagering.

It was the -highest overall revenue total in 52 months of wagering in state history, trailing only the $9.7 million collected in December. The mobile sports betting leviathan had a hold of 14.2% for the month against $67.1 million handle — the second-highest behind the 16.4% attained in November 2020.

Handle totaled $67.1 million, up 7.6% compared to the start of 2023 and down 8.4% from the record $73.2 million set in December. Revenue was up 25.8% versus January 2023, as this year’s hold was two percentage points higher.