Betcade Offers The World’s First Mobile Payment Solution

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Betcade the first gambling app store for Android, today announces that the company’s mobile payments solution, an industry first, is launching as a general purpose payment method.

The first mobile payments solution built and optimized for gambling customers,Betcade Pay, is now available for integration to gambling operators. The solution’s utility and user experience has been quickly embraced by the industry and is already being implemented by operators. Designed specifically for mobile gambling, and built from the ground up by an experienced team of mobile and payment development professionals, Betcade Pay offers a secure, fast and easy-to-integrate service, whilst accepting all the popular payment methods players are accustomed to.

Betcade Pay incorporates a user centric, easy and intuitive UI that requires the fewest steps to deposit of any solution on the market today, ensuring both customers and operators receive a first class experience.

By Q1, Betcade Pay will begin to process UK consumers’ Visa and MasterCard which is available with and without chargeback protection and Bank transfers. It will host more than 50 global payment methods by the end of the quarter as the service launches throughout Europe, with more methods continuously being added during 2017.

The easy to integrate SDK for Android devices means operators will have a minimal installation process, whilst their users benefit from a trustworthy, secure, speedy, and fully transparent payment method they can navigate through seamlessly.

Already an FCA licensed payment institution in the UK, as well as PCI compliant,Betcade Pay securely stores all personal identifiable information within the EU. As a cutting edge payment facilitator, payments made via Betcade Pay are immediately passed onto the operators themselves, allowing them to have full autonomy with their loyal and trusted users.

“We’ve been working closely with operators and others in the industry all along to develop our product, roadmap and business model,” said David Chang, CEO of Betcade. “Numerous operators are very positive on the payments component and have been asking to use the technology separately, so we have decided to makeBetcade Pay available as a distinct product. Not only will it help facilitate payments for both operators and users, Betcade Pay will help drive higher KPIs as well as offer competitive pricing structures for operators the world over.”

Paul Dolman-Darrall, Chairman of Gamevy offered his own user insight as an operator and commented “The industry’s been crying out for a payments facilitator like Betcade Pay. Not only does it support our business goals, it is easy to integrate, offers a seamless and safe payment process for customers and enables us to offer something that no other payments facilitator in the world can.”