Bernd Oswald to become Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NOVOMATIC AG

Business News

NOVOMATIC AG announces that during the general meeting held February 16, 2017, the attorney Dr. Bernd Oswald is to be appointed to the Supervisory Board. During the subsequent constituent meeting of the Supervisory Board, he will then be appointed as Chairman. Bernd Oswald succeeds Herbert Lugmayr who during his 20-year tenure as Chairman of the Supervisory Board contributed significantly to the company’s unique and sustainable success. Herbert Lugmayr will continue to be available to the Group in an advisory function.

As of March 1, 2017, the Supervisory Board of NOVOMATIC AG and NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries GmbH will, therefore, consist of the following persons: Dr. Bernd Oswald (Chairman), Martina Flitsch (Deputy Chairwoman), Barbara Feldmann, Martina Kurz and Dr. Robert Hofians. With the addition of Robert Hofians, a certified public accountant, the Supervisory Board will expand to a total of five members.

Dr. Bernd Oswald, an expert in commercial and corporate law, has been supporting the Group for many years and was a member of NOVOMATIC AG’s Supervisory Board until 2012. Having been very close to the company for a number of years, he will now continue to serve as the Chairman of its Supervisory Board.