Bookee’s making betting a more social experience

Sports Betting

As competition between sports betting brands heats up mobile app Bookee is attempting to make betting more engaging with the introduction of Uber Splitfare-style Splitbets.

Bookee, a mobile first swipe to bet app, has introduced a new splitbet feature which allows friends to share the risk and rewards of placing a bet.

Splitbet allows users to choose a contact to share a stake with from either the list of contacts already using the app or by choosing an option to invite a friend to download the app and accept the bet.

Push notifications will inform app users of the request to split the stake while those without the app will receive a personalised SMS message that informs the contact of the request, including a link to download Bookee from the App Store.

“The app is already very different from anything else on offer within the sports betting market and this feature is yet another industry first,” said Adam Kalmanson, Bookee co-founder and head of sales and marketing.

He added: “We are constantly thinking of ways to develop Bookee to enhance the user-experience and having learnt from apps like Uber, we see the Splitbet facility as being something our users will value and enjoy using.”

The move follows on from other changes which Bookee has implement including the introduction of a swipe-functionality where users swipe left to reject or right to accept a host of suggested bets.