AGTech Awarded Exclusive 5-year Priority Deal In China

Business News

AGTech Holdings Limited (together with its subsidiaries “AGTech”) is pleased to announce that AGTech was recently awarded an exclusive 5-year priority operation right in China by the Chess and Poker Games Administrative Centre under the General Administration of Sport of China (the “Chess and Poker Centre”) for all competitive play of the Chinese card game Guan Dan through an open tender.

Furthermore, AGTech has recently become one of the strategic partners and organisers of the China Competition Two-on-One Poker Championship.

Hosted by the Chess and Poker Centre, the China Competition Two-on-One Poker Championship is the most authoritative state-level Two-on-One event in China. Players who participate in relevant poker competitions will be awarded, among other things, national-level ratings, technical registration titles and bonuses. The launch of AGTech’s poker business under governmental authorization marks AGTech’s official entry into the mind sports field of the China sports industry and is the reward for many years of work and investment in the development of its mind sports business.

Regulated competition poker is entirely complementary to AGTech’s regulated lottery activities and is expected to contribute to the growth of AGTech’s revenue through the provision of an enriched range of entertainment products to its customers in China.