William Hill offers odds on Inauguration Speech

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Over a quarter of all the bets bookmakers William Hill have taken on Donald Trump’s inauguration speech have been for him to utter the name ‘Nigel Farage’ and to use the phrase ‘Obamacare’.

“We offered 20/1 that the name of Nigel Farage would come up during the speech, and 8/1 that Trump would say Obamacare — political punters rushed to back both of these options and they have now been slashed to 2/1 and 6/4 respectively after bets of up to £300 a time were staked,” said William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe. “These two phrases account for 26% of all the bets staked on the market.”

William Hill have a wide range of Inauguration Speech odds, including the length of the speech and the color of tie Mr. Trump will wear.

What will Donald Trump say during the inauguration speech?
1/20 Make America strong again; 1/3 Hillary; 4/6 Jobs, President; 4/6 Mexico; 5/6 China; 11/10 Russia; 6/4 NATO; 6/4 Obamacare; 2/1 Nigel Farage; 2/1 U.K.; 3/1 Vladimir Putin; 3/1 Hacking; 4/1 Brexit; 5/1 Fake news; 6/1 Theresa May; 6/1 Twitter; 12/1 BBC; 16/1 Buzzfeed; 20/1 Crooked Hillary; 25/1 Bigly; 33/1 Meryl Streep

How long will the speech last?
4/6 18 minutes, 30 seconds or less; 11/10 Longer than 18 minutes, 30 seconds.

What color tie will Trump wear?
4/6 Red; 21/10 Blue; 4/1 Any other color

Trump to be official Republican candidate in 2020

To build complete wall covering entire U.S.-Mexican border during presidency
6/1 (“Wall” constitutes a continuous brick or stone structure, not a fence or any other barrier or structure.)

U.S. to leave NATO under Trump presidency

Trump to resign before end of first term
8/15 No; 11/8 Yes

Trump to be found guilty via impeachment process during first term