FDJ recorded € 14.3 billion in sales in 2016


FDJ has increased its sales to € 14.3 billion, or € 600 million, compared with 2015, which recorded € 13.7 billion in sales. This growth is due to the dynamism of the sports betting activities (UEFA Euro 2016 in France), scratch games and digital (new applications preparing the game). This dynamic after the 2015 + 5.4% (+ € 700 million sales), confirms for the 2 nd year the deployment of the strategic project “FDJ 2020: an expanded vision of FDJ,” which puts the digital and Innovation at the heart of its activity and its physical network.

For Stéphane Pallez , President and Director General of the FDJ group, ” the game industry continues its transformation throughout the world, with the appearance of new games, new generations of customers to more digital uses and new points of contact with Players.

This gaming revolution is a source of opportunities for FDJ, 2 nd European lottery, engaged in the realization of his project FDJ 2020. Sales growth in 2016 allows to continue the digital transformation of FDJ in the best conditions and in compliance with Its responsible model. In 2017, FDJ will develop its group dimension, in particular by bringing together its headquarters and several subsidiaries in a new site. FDJ will also strengthen the identity of the FDJ brand and its attractiveness in terms of entertainment and commitment values. “