NetRefer partners with Optinize Inc


NetRefer announces its partnership with Optinize Inc, Optinize is a customer engagement platform that automatically converts customer behaviour into effective personalized interactions. Optinize’s platform performs the work of campaign managers, sales teams, and customer service departments allowing more efficient allocation of resources whilst delivering the same desired result.

The seamless integration between NetRefer and Optinize empowers NetRefer’s clients to run fully-fledged integrated email/SMS campaigns. The operators can track, monitor and adjust marketing campaigns targeted directly at the affiliates and their customers present in the NetRefer Performance Marketing Platform. The operators will be able to use the valuable information stored in NetRefer to automatically transform the content into data-driven, goal focused customer journeys, implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Optinize Inc Statement

“Whether it’s the affiliates or the players, consumers expect to be treated as individuals. With Optinize, NetRefer’s clients can deliver this” says Itai Hajbi, founder and CEO of Optinize. “Operators will have the ability to link valuable information stored within the NetRefer Platform and automatically transform the data into goal focused customer journeys to build meaningful relationships with each of the operators’ affiliates.”

 NetRefer Statement

“The partnership with Optinize signifies a further commitment from our end to provide our clients with the best integrated marketing tools in the industry. The integration between NetRefer and Optinize provides enhanced communication capabilities to our clients, allowing them to efficiently track, monitor and segment affiliate and customer communications. This will ultimately empower them to be successful in all their marketing activities” Says Timothy Buttigieg, Chief Operating Officer at NetRefer.

NetRefer will be showcasing several new products and services at ICE and LAC in February.