bans foreign players

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PokerStars has announced that its French poker room ( will no longer be accessible to all players residing outside France, starting Monday, February 13th.

In other words, even French players residing abroad will no longer be admitted and will have to request a withdrawal of their winnings (and use their loyalty points if they have any), before re-registering on or PokerStars .eu later if they wish.

PokerStars also states that the use of a VPN would be part of the violation of the general conditions of the room, and could therefore lead to account closure and forfeiture of funds.
Proof of domiciliation (receipt of rent or EDF) may also be requested.

Officially, the hall wishes to protect its players from the many foreign players who played in the room, despite an inscription originally asking for a French postal address (verified by sending a code). For several years (since 2010 and the regulation of the French market in fact), French players thus regretted being confronted with foreign “sharks”, while reciprocity (possibility to play on or others) Was not possible.

In a brief statement, its main competitor Winamax said that they would not follow this route (for now?).

This (somewhat precipitous) change may also suggest a first movement towards a future reunification of several European markets (notably Spain, Italy and France) and a long-hoped-for cash-sharing if an agreement Is found in the year.

While the news may be very good for the ecosystem as is commonly called, many questions arise.

Some players already regret not being able to play at all in France even if they spend a certain part of the year (or for the holidays), from the moment they reside abroad.

Another perverse effect of the system, no pro French PokerStars not residing in French territory (French overseas territories and overseas territories included) will not be able to play on the venue in FR. This means that a player such as ElKY must also logically detach himself from it and should not be seen at the tables … especially in the context of certain promotions.

The room will also inevitably lose some attendance. A new schedule of tournaments should be communicated quickly.