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ICE Totally Gaming has exceeded the company’s expectations, judging by the interest and involvement shown by the operators both at the stand for the launch of the new tools and at the conferences BtoBet’s experts in the industry had been participating in as speakers.

Conferences dedicated to the African market confirmed the expansion of the gambling industry in this continent. Despite Africa’s gambling industry currently being mainly land-based, the trend – especially in some areas like Kenya and Nigeria – is boosting the market expansion into mobile very rapidly. In this regard, BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried has been selected as expert speaker for the exclusive Microgaming yacht-conference on the Sunborn London at ExCeL. The session, organized in partnership with Microgaming, focused on the African Market, and showed operators ready-to-use tools, technology and opportunities to differentiate their brand and expand their business from retail to mobile.

BtoBet’s CEO Kostandina Zafirovska was the technology speaker at the panel “The Future of Trading: innovation at the Door”, during BetMarkets session of the ICE Vox Conference – sponsored by Sportradar. Commenting on the panel, Zafirowska highlighted:

 “We had the occasion to show the urgent need of innovation and the intelligent platform in the betting industry to manage risk and trade in an effective way, monitoring player behaviour and preventing fraud with immediacy.”

About the balance of this 3-day show, she added:

“Enthusiastic attendees experienced trial runs of the Augmented Reality potential and took part in BtoBet’s Virtual Assistant S1mOne demonstration, participating in her show, interacting, taking pictures and having fun with her. Operators had the opportunity to see how BtoBet’s sophisticated technology can provide the perfect integration between the A.I. platform and the behaviour of the player, suggesting the best games and events at the ideal time to each player – through the Recommendation engine – and catch the trend of Augmented Reality to improve and speed up new marketing strategies, providing players with the most advanced and exciting gaming experience on the market.

During ICE, operators also enjoyed the experience of the Bonus Hunting, looking around for the treasure boxes and tapping on them through BtoBet’s new APP.