New sports betting and casino platform fully in operation

Sports Betting

The mybet Group has fully put its newly developed sports betting and casino platform into operation today.

The new hard- and software now presents an enormously enlarged sports betting and casino offering in a completely new visual design on the website Along with the enlarged offering, that for example enables mybet for the first time to provide a casino for usage on mobile devices, the new system enables new functions facilitating the navigation through the increased offering. An efficient search function and a freely adjustable favourites menu provide quick access to the desired content and a newly structured betting slip provides an easier overview of open and recently settled bets.

Further new features to follow step by step

In addition to the immediate extensive improvements the new technical infrastructure provides above all the foundation for the continuous further development of mybet’s product offering. “The new product platform immediately pushes our online offering to a completely new level. But for us, this is only the beginning as we are up to a lot more. Some features will follow shortly, some improvements will take a little longer. But first of all we are now able to catch up with the speed of innovation in the industry, which was no longer possible with the old infrastructure“, says Markus Peuler, CEO of mybet Holding SE. For example, the mybet Group signed a contract with the live casino specialist Evolution Gaming, which will expand the live casino offering at significantly.