MyLotto24 launches lottery business in Ireland


MyLotto24 Ltd, a fully consolidated minority shareholding of ZEAL Network SE, launched its state-of-the-art online lottery business in Ireland on 20th March 2017 under a licence obtained in 2016. A primary focus of the Group’s internationalisation strategy is to expand into new marketable territories. Ireland is a perfect example of this.

Allan Turner, Country Manager for MyLotto24’s Irish Business: „Lotto and betting have a long tradition in Ireland. Building on this, MyLotto24 wants to improve the lottery experience for the Irish people. With this first step in our internationalisation strategy, we can use our scalable state-of-the-art online lottery platform to provide a great user experience.”

With an estimated market size of EUR 700 million, the Irish lottery market is characterised by very high per-capita lottery sales and a high online penetration, making this an ideal market.

The new product offering includes betting on several lotto draws, including the Irish Lotto, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and the German Lotto. The new site is primarily designed for mobile devices and will be complemented by a mobile app. The prize pay-outs will be handled online, resulting in much faster and efficient payments.

ZEAL is a pioneer in the field of lottery-based online games in Europe and has more than 2.4 million customers. With up to 100,000 winners a week, the company has paid out EUR 1.5 billion in prizes since its foundation in 1999.