iSignthis deploys its Paydentity solution to


iSignthis Ltd is pleased to announce that it has commercially deployed its Paydentity™ solution to The Paydentity™ service is now live on XM’s UK licensed operations, and is initially accessible to UK and EU residents.

Paydentity™ is the world’s most advanced automated identity and payments platform,incorporating real time remote verification of end users domiciled in any FATF or equivalent jurisdiction, leveraging verification of ‘bank verified’ payment instruments to establish identity.The Paydentity™ platform allows XM to on-board their customers at a much faster rate, whilst also increasing their overall customer reach.The iSignthis® solution incorporates cascading KYC, which supplements UK residents from independent and reliable databases including credit reference agencies, electoral roll and government public access data with Paydentity™ data. This approach minimises customer friction for UK residents, by augmenting partial “1+1 matches” with Paydentity to deliver enhanced due diligence to satisfy the JMLSG and 4AMLD.

For the rest of world, where independent and reliable databases are limited, Paydentity™ provides the XM group with global reach and access to over 3.5Bn ‘bank verified’ potential customers, optimising customer on-boarding and conversions with marketing campaigns.