Catching Up With EveryMatrix CEO Ebbe Groes


Q&A with Ebbe Groes.

Ebbe, as CEO of EveryMatrix, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional experience?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you. I am the co-founder and CEO of this wonderful company named EveryMatrix. EveryMatrix was born out of BetBrain in 2008. We have initially started with BetBrain, at that time the biggest odds comparison site available. BetBrain continues to be a robust tool even today offering the largest selection of odds from 180+ bookmakers.

Before founding BetBrain in 2001, I have co-founded Kapow Technologies in 1998, a company associated with research and development of robot technologies. In the past I also worked at the University of Copenhagen during my postdoc years and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange afterwards.

Though it may not appear to be a direct connection between the work I did at University of Copenhagen and my present occupation, I think that acquiring a disciplined mentality and an ability to put things into perspective can prove to be quite useful in this sphere of activity. However, my background in Economics and my past focus on research and development helped me understand and adapt to the ever-present complexities of the gambling world. This desire to comprehend and really grasp the various elements involved in any problem comes again from my education as I always want to have a complete image before I take any major decision.

But enough about me and let’s talk about EveryMatrix. EveryMatrix is a complete platform provider offering a great sportsbook, the largest number of casino games, a newly launched payment solution and a stand-alone affiliate product. At this moment, our company has undergone a series of positive changes and we are getting ready to access a new chapter of development and growth.

How do you see EveryMatrix evolving in 2017 and beyond?

In 2015 and 2016 our company invested substantial resources into rebuilding the software platform and recreating the gaming infrastructure to keep up with the latest market requirements.

For us, 2017 and the following years are reserved to putting our products to work by reaching out to new clients to establish our company as a reliable platform provider that is always ahead in terms of technology and development.

Further on, we are on a drive to boost sales and this natural step follows our interest to support clients looking for new jurisdictions and new opportunities.

Our proven expertise in the iGaming regulatory space and our global presence, especially in Europe and Asia, turned our company in a key supplier for operators that want to enter these areas using a white-label solution or simply take a single product and integrate it along their gaming platform.

I must also mention that in the last years we opened more and more offices in the Asian region and we are happy to see that our establishments in Asia continue to grow.

What is MoneyMatrix?

MoneyMatrix it is our brand-new payment processing platform. MoneyMatrix is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant and includes full control over gambling transactions, a better risk management and detailed reporting for operators. We built our stand-alone payment solution upon a combination of experience and long-time investment so that we can now contract large clients from within, but also from outside the gaming industry.

MoneyMatrix holds a payment service provider licence from the Malta Financial Service Authority and our company can offer it as a stand-alone solution, totally detached from our sports and casino products.

Do you have an interest in the fantasy betting market?

We have an interest in any type of gambling as long as our clients are interested to include it into their commercial product offering. As the fantasy betting market has been growing in the recent years, we noticed operators displaying a higher interest for this type of games. However, at this moment, the fantasy betting market is still small and we learned from our experience that most operators look for security.

So, since we are a platform supplier that is looking at the big picture to provide operators with all the necessary products, from sports, casino, payments to affiliate and regulatory solutions, we are ready to remain flexible and adapt to any new demands our clients may have now or in the future.

What are the vital components for being a successful platform provider?

I believe some of the most important components for being a successful platform provider are a strong drive to constantly innovate and a long-term focus to stay connected to the latest technologies. For us, development is a continuous process.

As the present gambling space delivers a diversity of challenges, both operators and providers must face stronger demands in the market to improve their product offering, keep up with the latest regulatory requirements in the targeted jurisdictions, handle large amounts of data, provide multiple payment methods and finally offer a unique gaming experience for customers.

Since our company wants to become the one-stop location for those who look for this degree of customization, we have invested massively in our gaming infrastructure in the last years and our target remains the overall user experience improvement. As we expect to become the norm among best providers, be it sports or casino, we look to move away from templates, skins and rigidity, and fully embrace the possibility to allow operators create the desired user experience.

What key changes in people’s playing habits have you noticed in recent times?

There are some major trends in the industry right now and one I notice is this growing emphasis for Asia, where we have many players choosing not only the live casino entertainment, but the growing attraction posed by live sporting events.

Also, there is change not only in people’s playing habits, but in the industry too as we are focusing more on Asia, with operators, regulators and platform suppliers participating in local events and discovering more about this space.

Delivering mobile content has remained equally important and there is still a need for better technology and innovation to push gaming content to mobile devices, while preserving a high level of quality and offering a great user experience. In this area, we deployed resources to improve the Web API features that offer the ability to easily adapt the front-end experience to mobile devices and we consider there’s still a great amount of work to be done to offer the same flexibility and agility in the mobile space.

So, we have an unpredictable market changing all the time and in interesting directions. Bearing this in mind, we are fully aware that 2017 represents a cross-point where we need to reflect on our platform development to find the right balance in moving forward, while placing a higher emphasis on improving the relationship with the clients we bring aboard.

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