ARJEL and GLMS join together in fight against manipulation in sports

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Charles Coppolani, President of the French online gaming regulatory authority (ARJEL – Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne) and Thierry Pujol, Director of Sport Integrity at FDJ and Vice-President of the Global Lottery Monitoring system (GLMS), a swiss based non-profit association bringing together twenty-nine state lotteries committed to fight against the manipulation of sports competitions, signed a partnership protocol on May 15, 2017.

These two organizations are involved in the struggle for the preservation of the integrity of sports betting: Charles COPPOLANI chairs the surveillance group of the French national platform fighting against the manipulation of sports competitions and GLMS has set up, together with twenty-nine state lottery operators (including FDJ for France), an automatic monitoring system to detect irregular sports betting patterns.

The purpose of the partnership protocol is to organize the information sharing related to irregular sports betting patterns between the two organizations that both have a surveillance system on sports competitions. The competitions at stake are those monitored by GLMS that are featured on the list of “sports” of ARJEL which recaps the competitions and types of bet results that can be offered for online sports betting in the French approved market. Exchanges of information shall notably include the volume of stakes, the probable outcome, and the geographical distribution of bets.

This new partnership is another step forward to fight against the manipulation of sports competitions in relation with sports betting.