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Eventus International is excited to announce that the 3rd Annual Sports Betting West Africa Summit is moving to a bigger, better venue. This year’s most prestigious sports betting event will now be hosted at the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino and will take place from 17 – 19 July 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Association of Nigerian Bookmakers will be hosting their own ANB Bookmaker Summit on the 17th and then the agenda for the Sports Betting West Africa will commence on the 18th of July. We will be collaborating with the National Lottery Authority (Liberia), The Gaming Commission of Ghana, The Sierrra Leone State Lottery Company and many other regulatory bodies.

“This year’s agenda has generated so much interest in the event that we had to relocate to accommodate more exhibitors and delegates” – Yudi Soetjiptadi, Managing Director, Eventus International Limited.

Eventus International based their decision to move the event due to the following reasons: The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino is much more spacious. The Hotel also has a casino close by, so delegates can have fun doing the things they love and discuss partnerships in a more relaxed setting. Another deciding factor is that The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino is a 5-star establishment, so we’ll be able to ensure that the Kings and Queens of the industry receive the royal treatment that they rightly deserve.

Jordan Crossley, Eventus International’s Conference Producer had this to say about the move: “We are proud to partner with all of our sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to present the biggest sports betting event in west Africa. This year’s event will be much bigger and better than ever before, allowing us to offer more opportunities and floor space for sponsors and exhibitors.”

Mr. Crossley further went on to say that the Sports Betting West Africa will be chaired by a true legend of the industry; Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principle Consultant of 1710 Gaming Limited in the UK. “Christina has year’s of experience working on different issues in the gaming sector. This gives her the ability to see an issue or opportunity from the perspective of the clients she advises and provide a solution from a different point of view. We look forward to seeing her expertise being put into practice at the Sports Betting West Africa Summit.

Special attention will be given to regulatory frameworks governing betting and other aspects of the gambling sector in Africa. For example, representative from regulator boards across west Africa will be assessing whether it is possible to create and regulatory jurisdiction without borders, where each countries’ laws are similar, and therefore easier for foreign investors to invest in Africa.

The Sports Betting West Africa Summit’s agenda won’t be all about the rules and regulations of the industry, we will also be investigating new opportunities that are opening up in the region and how to make the most of them. Whether you work for (or own) a retail or online operation, we have the right people to advise you on making the most of all the opportunities this magnificent continent has to offer.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Federal Palace Hotel for the sports betting event of the year.