and (Delilah Holding) are casino affiliate sites, focused on German-language casino sites. The business was launched in 2011 with the aim to provide the latest and best offers to casino players. The main markets are Germany and Switzerland, with both markets showing solid underlying growth.

The acquired assets are expected to generate quarterly sales of about EUR 300.000 with an operating margin of around 80 percent.

The transfer of the assets and payment is scheduled to take place no later than end of June 2017. The purchase price amounts to an upfront payment of EUR 4.200.000, which is being paid as a cash consideration in conjunction with the transfer of the assets. In addition, there is an earn-out of maximum EUR 2.250.000, which is based on revenue performance over a period of 12 months. In a reasonably expected scenario with a total earn-out purchase price of around EUR 1.350.000, the seller needs to generate revenue growth of around 30 percent during the period.

“The acquisition of and will broaden our German presence and provide further growth in German-speaking markets. With this acquisition we are further strengthening our pan-European portfolio”, says Robert Andersson, CEO of Catena Media.