Betsson AB strengthens Group management

Business News

The introduction of new local regulation of gaming markets in Europe increases thecomplexity of the industry, creating big opportunities for Betsson.

Group management is therefore strengthened with a new role; Vice President Governance, Risk and Compliance,with the task of ensuring that Betsson invests ethically and long-term in relation to regulatory risks and opportunities. Fredric Lundén, with a background in organisations such as SEB and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, will assume the position on September 1st 2017.

In addition, Petra Zackrisson will be part of Group management as Vice PresidentCorporate Development. She has held a business development role on the management of Betsson Malta as of 2013.”The development of the gaming industry means great opportunities for Betsson.

The ability to navigate correctly in a rapidly changing regulatory environment will be a competitive advantage, both for our existing operations and for our acquisition strategy.

Fredric and Petra completes Betsson’s Group management and I look forward to working together with them in making Betsson even more successful,” says Ulrik Bengtsson, CEO and President Betsson AB. Fredric Lundén, born 1968, holds an MSc Laws (LLM) from University of Stockholm and is an Associate Judge at Svea Court of Appeal. Petra Zackrisson, born 1973, holds an MSc International Business from Gothenburg Business School.

AS previously announced, Betsson AB has appointed Kaaren Hilsen CFO and she will assume the position on October 1st 2017. During the period September 1st to September 30th, Kristian Saliba, CFO of Betsson Malta, will serve as acting CFO of Betsson AB.