Fresh8 powers BetStars programmatic push

Business News

Fresh8 Gaming, the dynamic ad specialists, have inked a deal with BetStars, the sports betting arm of PokerStars, to help promote targeted sports betting adverts for use within BetStars marketing campaigns.

The Fresh8 tech allows BetStars to deliver personalised adverts to individual users and segments. The ads are auto-built on delivery ensuring that the BetStars message is always highly relevant to both the publisher content and the BetStars brand. The initial roll out focuses on the UK, but will be rolled out across Europe.

Zeno Ossko, Managing Director of BetStars, said, “We were looking for a partner that could deliver effective campaign promotions. The real-time automated application of the Fresh8 platform means we can ensure a highly relevant marketing campaign wherever we advertise. We’re looking forward to see what Fresh8 can delivers to us.”

Andrew Sharland MD at Fresh8 Gaming reiterated, “Exciting brands such as BetStars need technology that reduces the manual process of asset creation and optimisation. We are proud to have been selected through an open and competitive tender. Programmatic advertising and data led technologies will transform the way sports betting operators buy media. However, even with all these technological advances, advertisers struggle to use their data and insight to deliver truly personalised creative delivery of experiences due to sports betting’s challenging product set. The Fresh8 technology platform will ensure that all BetStars messaging is highly relevant in real time to the consumer, the content, and the real time sports betting product.”