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We United West Africa!

If you missed it, then you truly missed out. This year’s Sports Betting West Africa is one for the history books. We had record shattering attendance, and an African first by uniting regulatory boards from four nations.

Representatives of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (Nigeria), The Gaming Commission of Ghana, The Sierra Leone State Lottery Company and the National Lottery Authority of Liberia met together before the audience to clarify their roles as regulators and how they can unite to create a harmonized regulatory framework across West Africa.

After much discussion about how many of the regulations in the four nations are quite similar, the moderator of the discussion; Ms. Christina Thakor Rankin, asked if they would all agree to formalize a Western African Regulatory Forum.

There was no need to deliberate, all four parties were happy to open the channels of communication between each other and have agreed to begin formalizing the forum. It is truly magical to see how our hard work and passion for bringing people together has united four entire nations.

This will assist regulators to grow each other’s markets, allow operators to acquire licenses in other countries much easier and set up a blacklist of operators who have had their licenses revoked. Africa is uniting to become a powerful force in the market, and its only through unity that we truly make the most of all the opportunities that this continent has to offer.

Everyone at Eventus International would like to thank the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers for assisting us with the first-day event, our sponsors for being with us every step of the way and our exhibitors for ensuring that everyone had an amazing time.

Last, but surely not the least; We would like to thank our delegates for joining us in making history. You can expect that we will be making history once again at our next African event. The BiG Africa Supershow.

We look forward to seeing you again in Johannesburg, South Africa