OtherLevels and Amplero Announce Major Partnership

Business News

OtherLevels Holdings has announced that it has partnered with Amplero, a leader in leveraging artificial intelligence marketing to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty. The two companies announced that:

  • The joint Amplero / OtherLevels solution is operational with a major global social casino operator;
  • OtherLevels has exclusive rights to resell and market the Amplero solution within the U.K. and EMEA to the licenced real-money wagering and lottery markets;
  • Both companies agreed to further technical integration;

This partnership combines Amplero’s leading Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform (AIM), which provides marketers with exponential improvements in scalability and intelligence across customer data and marketing automation, with OtherLevels breadth of digital message formats and OtherLevels’ Intelligent Messaging, which determines optimum channel and delivery options to maximise audience reach.

“Amplero and OtherLevels are redefining the MarTech stack. Unlike first generation human led campaign management and journey creation tools, Amplero is continuously optimising thousands of marketing permutations and using AI and Machine Learning (ML) to perfect user journeys at an individual level,” said Brendan O’Kane, the OtherLevels CEO. “When you combine this with OtherLevels’ Intelligent Messaging, and OtherLevels’ capability to reach anonymous and known users, using both opt-in and no opt-in message formats, then you are optimising both decisioning and reach. This combination delivers extraordinary gains for digital marketers when compared with legacy campaign management platforms.”

“This is a hugely exciting partnership,” commented Olly Downs, PhD, Amplero CEO. “Amplero and OtherLevels are already live with a major global social casino operator, and we are seeing that OtherLevels’ ability to reach gaming audiences across a range of channels means that together we can optimise content, automation and delivery to drive maximum revenue and retention for global gaming brands. OtherLevels’ capabilities to deliver and uniquely track every message and associated outcomes across web and app, and feeding this in real-time to the Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform, results in true continuous campaign optimisation at a scale that’s not humanly possible.”

OtherLevels has entered into an exclusive agreement with Amplero to resell the Amplero AIM platform, as well as deliver managed services in support of AIM, into the real-money wagering and lottery sector in the UK and Europe. “This is a clearly differentiated solution that will totally change digital marketing for those wagering operators wanting to maximise revenue, and replace costly human decisioning with AI and ML,” added Brendan O’Kane. “With Amplero, OtherLevels can deliver a solution beyond what is humanly possible, and it promises a massive competitive advantage for those operators that embrace this opportunity.”

Whereas traditional rules-based marketing automation systems and legacy marketing tools claim “AI” capabilities, Amplero’s AIM Platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation at the core of the marketing decisioning process to adaptively optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Unlike traditional marketing automation architectures that are announcing “bolt-on” AI/modeling to claim artificial intelligence capabilities, Amplero has built an AIM platform from the ground up to power the core of the next generation MarTech stack. OtherLevels has created a completely new digital messaging platform featuring multiple opt-in and no opt-in message formats across web and app, supporting both known and anonymous users, with end to end individual attribution. Together, OtherLevels and Amplero enable the tightly closed-loop integration between marketing decisioning, message delivery and measurement that is critical for driving engaging customer experiences that drive marketing performance.