DoubleU Games delivers strong Q2 results

Business News

Wooree Games Co., Ltd. announced its record-high quarterly earnings on August 11th. Consolidated sales in 2Q grew 60.6% YoY to KRW61.4bn. In 1H11, revenues reached KRW102.8bn, exceeding KRW100bn in sales for the first half of the year. This is the result of June’s monthly earnings of US social casino company ‘Double Down Interactive’.

In terms of profitability second quarter consolidated operating profit of M & A one-time costs of dill 107 due to the temporary recognition of one hundred million won 79 one hundred million won ( operating margin of 12.9%), operating income in the separate standards ㈜ W. Games is Y / Y 21.7% , up 154 one hundred million won ( operating margin of 40.7%), the interactive double down 6 one month Mon EBITDA is 69 to one hundred million won EBITDA margin of 30.6 percent recorded and showed high profitability by their respective companies.

Earnings expectations are even higher in 2H, when the market is entering a seasonally strong season.

The ‘DoubleDown Classic Slot’, scheduled to be launched in September , is a popular 3- reel (‘Stepper’) concept slot that occupies 20% of the global offline slot market . It is a classic and intuitive slot for casino old fans To expand its customer base . In addition, IGT , which provides slot contents, dominates the M / S of more than 60% of the offline stepper market , and their strong library will support the competitiveness of ‘DD Classic Slot’ .

Another of the new ‘Ellen Slot’ is a Warner Bros, produced slot with the popular US TV Show, ‘Ellen’, coming 11Mon. ‘Ellen’ in the New Season plans to launch pace at the start . The company plans to actively encourage key female audience members of the United States to enter the game centered on vials by utilizing ‘Ellen,’ the main target of the social casinos, which is one of the favorite TVhost of American women in their 40s and 50s.

The parent company, W-Games, Inc., is stepping up its efforts to tackle the Asian market . The English and Chinese version of ‘Double Fortune Casino’ , the first project in Asia , was launched in Android Market in early August , and is in talks with leading publishers to enter the Chinese market, the largest target market in Asia.

Another ambitious game that Wooree Games is preparing for launch in 2H is the launch of the strategy game ‘ Project Z’ , a genre of social casinos . East game of the concept of the zombie motif capturing the base through a variety of characters among combat global approach $ 5.7B this year Facebook to target the strategy game market , next one is a quarter of the global mobile market, the launch plan.