KamaGames announces first HTML 5 title to appear on VK.com

Business News

KamaGames are pleased to announce the first of our titles being released on HTML5 through one of Europe’s leading social media platform, VK.com.

To coincide with the launch VK.com’s Direct Games gaming platform, we are pleased to confirm that we will have one of the first apps appearing on the new platform from day 1 with the brand new HTML5 version of our flagship title Pokerist.

VK.com is the largest social media network in Europe and is the most visited website in Russia ranking it higher than Google, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. The network’s messenger service is also hugely popular giving it more users than other well-known services including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber.

Due to the game being built completely from the ground up with social media and HTML5 platforms in mind, unlike many similar games released through social media and messenger platforms, Pokerist will launch with all of the main features enjoyed by players on mobile devices. This means the game will contain daily bonuses, quests, Sit N Go tournaments and multiple achievements to unlock. In app purchasing and monetisation is also possible with users being able to purchase chips and other in-game items via VK currency which can be easily purchased via the AppStore and Google play.