Ikibu’s journey continues in Germany

Business News

The online casino launches its German site on September 1st. The improvement shows the iGaming world that the young casino keeps on its expansion throughout Europe. German will be the fifth language to be live on ikibu, alongside English,Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

WELCOME, GERMANY! “The German site has been one of our main projects for 2017”, states Ikibu’s CEO, Rafael Rios. “Our goal is to reach the maximum number of countries and to make the user experience smoother for all players. Germany is the most populated country in the European Union so it made sense to give all the German players the option to enjoy the Casino Journey in their native language”, declares Rios.

Players will not be the only ones benefitting from this feature. The other main group will be the affiliates. “Being live in German is something many affiliates have been anxiously waiting for”, says Julian Kunimine, Head of Affiliates. “Many of them have already congratulated us for the German launch and are eager to promote us in Germany. It is one of the biggest markets you can operate in and, although we already have some presence in Germany, this dedicated launch will make us reach a higher number of potential players”, affirms Kunimine.

Less than a year after its creation, Ikibu has positioned itself strongly within the iGaming industry. Its unique gamification system has been widely praised by both players and affiliates. Ikibu is backed by an exceptionally original design, which has thousands of fans among the British and Scandinavian markets. Now that the site is going live in German, Ikibu is moving towards reaching their goal: being the reference for an online casino in Northern Europe.

In Germany, as in the rest of European countries, Ikibu will be regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. The Maltese license guarantees that the casino acts in accordance with the European authorities and that the players’ data will not be used for any other purposes than approved operating procedures for a gambling institution.

In addition to the German site launch, further improvements will be introduced the upcoming months. During 2017 Ikibu will also upgrade their Shop. The new Shop is going through a structural redesign which will make it more attractive to players by improving the UX. With the renewed face, Ikibu strongly believes that the Seed Trade System will establish itself as the ultimate form of casino currency.

And that’s not all. The Ikibu Races, the unique head-to- head competitions between players, will also experience an improvement. In the next months, the online casino will launch their innovative and exciting Spark-Races, an upgrade that “will revolutionize the social casino competitions”.

These series of events only include some of the new launches that their players will get to see as Ikibu continues enhancing the Casino Journey. “Ikibu is living a great 2017, but we feel confident that we are looking forward to an even greater 2018”, concludes Rios.