Betfair asks users to play ‘The Game Within the Game’


Betfair Exchange, Australia’s largest peer to peer wagering platform has this week launched a new positioning and integrated campaign via Saatchi & Saatchi, Melbourne.

The idea titled ‘The Game Within the Game’ celebrates the very rational and data driven approach its users take to betting. The campaign takes actual sports data, and visualises that data as key sporting moments.

Says Pip Kerr, marketing and VIP director, Betfair: “Our betting platform is unique and our business model relies on winners, we are all about giving our community the right data, intelligence and support they need to be successful in their decisions. The ‘Game Within the Game’ idea certainly celebrates that in a very visual and category disrupting way.”

Says Mark Cochrane, managing director, Saatchi & Saatchi: “We are excited about the unique position Betfair has in the marketplace, and also excited about where this idea can take them.”

The ANZ wagering landscape is evolving rapidly and Betfair Australia is growing.

Punters are smarter, more calculated, have the latest data and information at their fingertips, and are no longer fooled by the flood of gimmicks and promos. Most importantly, they demand value and unrestricted opportunity.

“The Game Within The Game” is the tagline for Betfair’s new brand look and explains to the masses that we are more than just a betting exchange and our customers are in a different league. We are a peer-to-peer wagering platform that stands for sophisticated, well thought out strategy using numbers, data and intelligence to make winning a mindset rather than a hope.