The PMU amplifies the simplification of its offer of horse betting

Sports Betting

In search of new customers, the betting horse operator has launched a new offer of simple games for mobile phone with a specific brand, “hipigo by PMU”.

In line with its strategy of winning new customers, in the context of the decline of the horse betting in France in recent years, the PMU may now have in hand an essential lever of its necessary commercial reconquest. Anxious to reach the uninitiated and especially the young, the operator, controlled by parent companies of racing companies, France Galop and Le Trot, launched a new offer this Friday that combines simplification, digitization and mobility, with the key a new brand “Hipigo by PMU”.

Hipigo consists of an online gaming interface, designed primarily for smartphones, with an approach that is at least heterodox since it shows a potential win, like a lottery at the bottom, through two games at choice for 2 euros each, with a bet in three clicks.

To do this, the PMU relies on two of its online bets: on the one hand, the e-Quinté +, which makes it possible to win at least 50,000 euros by finding the first 5 horses; on the other hand, the e-Simple Jackpot, which, for a horse played winning or placed, has a multiplier of the gains of up to 1,000. Launched in April this second bet, which has its equivalent in points of sale, “works well”, according to the PMU management, confirming a trend.

Beyond the simplicity and attractiveness of its gaming offer, the operator promises an enrichment to come from the experience of players with, in particular, an Internet link to see the race live. A crucial element in the world of horse and sports betting.