Dutch Gambling Regulator continues its enforcement against online gaming

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The Dutch Chancellor Authority continues its enforcement policy against remote gaming. Online gaming is forbidden in the Netherlands.

The Hague stated that the bidder Betsson in his statement was not admissible in their claims this morning. In this case, the court is guilty of the fact that the prohibition of gambling is based on the law online and has been valid for a long time. Also, the judge on the premise of the Chancellor Authority is that “there will be a violation of a violation and that it will not be tolerated. Likewise, the Chancellor Authority, when mentioning that priority is given to a provider who meets one or more of the three prioritization criteria, noted that other factors may contribute or even be an independent reason. The Chancellor Authority explained this premise of its policy in October 2016.

On June 1 this year, the Chancellor Authority launched a new step in combating online gambling that focused on the Dutch market. Bettson opposes the short trial on which the judge pronounced this morning. The Chancellor Authority’s policy since June 1, 2007 has not created any new or other obligations for Betsson. If the Chancellor Authority makes a decision on Betsson, if desired, seek legal protection from the administrative court.

In the judgment of the judge, the Chancellor Authority seeks to confirm its handshaving policy against online gambling. Players (consumers) are involved in illegal online gambling, including manipulated games, major risks, especially gambling addiction and gambling debts. Online is still a game of chance that focuses specifically and undeniably on the Dutch market. With the new step, the Chancellor Authority also opposes this game of chance.