Degree 53 shares insight on achieving a winning mobile casino UX in a new report

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Degree 53, a leading online gambling design and software development agency, have published a new report in their series of Betting and Gaming UX Reviews.

The second report evaluates the mobile user experience of ten leading online casino operators in the UK. The review looks at how their casino lobbies are optimised for providing an easy gaming experience, directing users to key tasks (e.g. register/login, play, contact the operator), as well as offering relevant content and useful information.

The experts at Degree 53 share their knowledge of what makes a winning mobile casino lobby and how to best optimise its UX to help retain users. The report contains reviews of brands, such as BetVictor, Gala, Paddy Power and Unibet, comparing their mobile offerings. These evaluations act as a guidance for operators to consider improvements to their products and what other elements they could introduce to make their products more user friendly.

Andrew Daniels, managing director at Degree 53 says: “Mobile gaming takes more than 40% of the online gambling market in the UK alone, which is an extremely important segment for operators. Winning and retaining customers is an industry-wide concern, and providing a great UX for mobile devices is something that could facilitate this. Users are very tech-savvy and have certain expectations of mobile apps and websites. If one of them takes too long to load or involves too many steps, they will abandon it in no time and go for another brand. ”

He continues: “The Mobile Casino Review follows our first report which looked at the UX of desktop online casinos. We received a very positive feedback from the industry and saw a big demand to do this for mobile. We hope this will provide a good overview of what could be done to create a modern and engaging mobile UX to increase retention. ”

The Mobile Casino Review can be downloaded here.