Segev LLP appointed Advisors to ICO

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North American law firm Segev LLP has developed a blockchain and cryptocurrency practice in order to offer further support to clients turning to blockchain technology solutions for their software platforms, and for raising capital by way of token generation events or initial coin offerings (ICO).

Segev LLP is now excited to announce its appointment to the advisory board of in support of its token sale – expected to go live in October 2017.

Segev LLP is already acting as an advisor to FansUnite, which aims to revolutionise the sports betting industry by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and by offering a planned proprietary digital token to provide cheaper, more secure and verifiable betting.

As a forward-looking legal practice with a long history of partnering with some of the gaming sector’s most innovative businesses, Segev LLP is ideally placed to help all types of iGaming firms in their blockchain ventures.

Ron Segev, Founding Partner of Segev LLP, said: “As a technology firm, we are used to innovating new practice areas as our clients innovate new businesses and technology. We have a track record of advising on emerging, often highly regulated ventures, such as online gaming.”

FansUnite has established a team with more than 50 years’ experience in the sports betting industry and also has both partners and advisors across the cryptocurrency space backing the project. The FansUnite platform will provide greater security and transparency to members, at a price that is up to 80 per cent less than traditional sportsbooks. All customers will also gain access to the FansUnite community, allowing them to share their upcoming picks and betting histories to help improve their probability of profitability. In addition, FansUnite’s industry-low fee of just two per cent on all bets looks set to prove a very attractive feature for members.

Darius Eghdami, CEO of, said: “We are excited to partner with Segev LLP for our upcoming ICO and the development of our innovative sports betting platform. With their leading iGaming legal team, advanced understanding of blockchain technologies, the token-sale process, and token-sale legal issues, Segev LLP was the ideal partner to help us deliver the highest quality block chain enabled sports betting experience to our valuable customers.”