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Getting Started In Africa? – We’ll Show You How

Africa is one of the last frontiers for gaming industry growth and has an ever-increasing market share every year, but this highly diverse region is quite unique in that you will require African strategies for starting up in Africa, as opposed to following European or American business models.

As this is such an intricate discussion, Eventus International has called together representatives of a regulatory board, bank, software provider, marketing company, product testing laboratory and a premier established bookmaker together to share their expertise with you at the 5 th Annual Betting & iGaming Africa.

Let’s start with step one, before you can afford the licensing fees, you will need a find some funding. Although winning the lottery does sound like a great way to get started, the odds of that happening are in the millions to one. What you need is the sound advice of none other than Jayshree Naidoo.

Jayshree Naidoo is the Head of the Standard Bank Incubator team and is the Interim CEO of Feenix, a crowdfunding platform that has opened the doors to less fortunate students to continue their higher education. As a prominent figure at Standard Bank and an expert on crowdfunding platforms, Jayshree will be giving you some options to find that elusive start-up capital.

Step two: You have your capital, now you need your bookmakers license. Felix Mukaxe from the Mozambique Gambling Board will go over how to start applying for your license, some basic fees that may be incurred, paperwork that will needs to be submitted and general protocols that will serve you well during the application process.

Success! You have a bookmaker’s license! Now we need to set up your operation. The chief operations officer at Betting World, Dean Finder will be discussing factors you should consider before you launch. Will you go online? Or will you go retail? Each one has its own set of challenges and opportunities and as Betting World has both, Dean is more than happy to help you assess your options.

“Betting World has a viable franchise model which it currently operates in the North West Province of South Africa- this “turnkey solution” might be your answer to an easy entry!” – Dean Finder

Once you’ve decided how you wish to operate, you will then need one of the most important factors of setting up a betting operation: Wagering Software. Turfsport is South Africa’s leading Wagering software platform provider and is definitely worth considering if you wish to break into the Southern African market as a bookmaker, odds provider, etc. Gail Petrie will be discussing how important the choice of wagering software is for a bookmaker and how Turfsport’s three decades of experience in the region can help your new business.

As most of you know, once you’re up and running, it becomes a marketing game. Your ability to acquire and retain customers at an affordable rate makes or breaks you. After operating for years, Jason Foster from Chalkline Sports is now on the marketing tech side of sports betting. Chalkline’s B2B platform blends real-time content, marketing automation and beautiful mobile experiences to reduce customer acquisition costs, drive more bets, and engage your existing customers.

“Existing customers represent the single most valuable source of leads for new customer acquisition. The data backs up the old marketing saying: ‘It’s cheaper to keep your current customers happy than to go find new ones.” – Jason Foster, Head of iGaming, Chalkline Sports

Once you’ve established yourself as a real go-getter in the market, you are going to need advice from time-to- time. Sean Coleman of the South African Bookmaker’s Association (SABA) will be discussing the importance of being part of a network of likeminded individuals. As CEO of SABA and of BETDATA, Sean can assist you with almost anything you need to know about the African market.

“As a stakeholder for over 65 years in the industry SABA continues to strive to be the Association of Choice”. “In Betdata we believe in our slogan that our service is trusted and preferred.” – Sean Coleman

This is just one of the discussions that we have planned on the agenda for the 5th Annual Betting & iGaming Africa Summit. With so much to talk about, you’ll just have to register for the BIGGEST event in Africa on our website and make use of our 40% off Early bird registration fee if you register before the 1st of October to find out more about all that Africa has to offer.