Svenska Spel plans for new online casino

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In January 2019, the new game rules are expected to come into force as Svenska Spel will no longer have a monopoly at stake in Sweden.

The monopoly has just been on the paper,” says Svenska Spels CEO Lennart Käll.

The game monopoly will disappear, in practice it is already gone, and instead a licensing system is established in which all gaming companies get rights and obligations. All games without license will be criminalized.

Something welcomed by Svenska Spel.

When we get a market with equal conditions for everyone, we get justice, things get ready and done,” says Lennart Käll.

Svenska Spel also sees an opportunity to grow.

We have a strong position, a strong brand and a good level of self-confidence,” says Lennart Käll.

Where he sees the greatest potential for growth, it is within products that Svenska Spel does not have today.

For example, online casinos, the new services will be distributed at Svenska Spel’s office in Gotland and in Solna, Stockholm.

Today, 370 people work at Svenska Spel’s headquarters in Gotland, and according to Lennart Käll, there are no plans to move the head office.

So far this year, 16 people have been recruited, most of them working in IT development.

“If you are a little persistent, it’s easy to recruit. It is also about the interaction with the region and housing, education and job numbers, two issues (for example, the recruited cohabitant, the red note). I think that the region can make a difference and be a bit more active if I am to be critical. You have to find a package. If you take Stockholm as an example, the municipalities are battling about where to put the residence.

Svenska Spel looks forward to finding new games that reach a larger audience.

“We see what types of games are growing, such as life games.

They also work with gaming responsibilities.

“As an industry, we are doing the most harm where people end up in addiction and addiction,” says Lennart Käll.

Svenska Spel is actively working on getting customers who show signs of gambling problems to turn off on a voluntary basis. The company also has a service where customers can make their own gaming budget.

“We do not want to have unusual revenues from gaming addicts,” says Lennart Käll.

Today, Svenska Spel mainly has customers resident in Sweden, but with cross-border cooperation, Lennart Käll sees new opportunities.

“Without going into details, Svenska Spel has opportunities. What is it that says that Swedish games can not go international? We already have international collaborations today. Eurojackpot is available in several countries and Vikinglotto is a Nordic product. We already work internationally with many other gaming companies and we already have a cooperation with South Africa and Iceland today, where we can continue to expand, “says Lennart Käll.