Spin Games joins forces with Eibic to create a new genre of games

Business News

Spin Games today announced a development and distribution initiative with EIBIC Co. LTD of Japan to create a new genre of Japanese theme games.

Spin Games notes the signing of a new development agreement with EIBIC Co. LTD to mark the launch of the development of a new genre of Japanese games initially aimed for the global iGaming market. With this deal, EIBIC and its partner companies will provide Spin Games with assets and story boards based on popular Japanese themes and content already popular in the domestic pachinko and pachislot market. Spin Games will add the finishing polish to allow for the player-friendly experience that Spin Games is famous for. Spin Games expects to commercialize these games globally in 2018.

This commercialization will be on Spin Games’ industry-leading ROC 3TM RGS platform. ROC3 has improved scalability, increased the ability to cater to new genres with highly complex content, and enhanced core feature sets for game engines. The platform improvement allows Spin Games to use up-to-date technological advancements for greater efficiency. The segregation of the core operation system and game engine allows for more efficient porting and integration of games and game approval times.

Kent Young, CEO of Spin Games said, “We are proud and pleased to have EIBIC become the latest member of the Spin Games family. This deal marks the start of a new genre of game development and integration for us. My goal and passion both are that we, as a company, continue to develop and distribute more genres of games to give the players and operators more choice. The enhanced choice this deal will give the players and the operators is exciting and exhilarating.”

Koji Yagi, CEO of EIBIC Co. LTD, commented “We are extremely happy to join forces with Spin Games to unleash the potential of Japanese themed and styled games. This will continue the natural progression in the proliferation of Japanese culture and ideas globally.”