New app to help keeping track of gambling

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The Danish Gambling Authority, a government board that regulates the Danish gambling market, launched the app “MitSpil” for the first time in November 2016. The first version was an information app, while the updated version now features a “game- tracker “. With the help of a few clicks and swipes, the user of the app is able to register how much he has spent on gambling, and whether he has won or lost. In addition, the app offers a simple overview of the player’s accounts. The user enters the various information, while the app calculates how much money have been spent; like an Excel sheet in pocket format.

If the user forgets to update his winnings or losings, he will receive a friendly reminder from the app in the form of a push message. The hope is that especially young people whose gambling is at risk of getting out of control, will use the app to get an overview.

We have developed this app because we, as an authority, have a responsibility that gambling takes place in a fair manner. We must always protect particularly vulnerable players from ending up in a situation where they no longer have control over their gambling, and MitSpil may be a useful tool here. The app is easily accessible and user-friendly, so I hope that many will find it valuable, says Birgitte Sand, director at the Danish Gambling Authority, and continues: – We use the app as a channel, because we know that especially sports betting takes place on the phone.

Although the Danish Gambling Authority estimates that the app will help players at risk of developing a gambling addiction, the app is certainly not reserved for those who play a lot. Everyone who plays can enjoy the app’s quick overview of how much they have spent on gambling.

Michael Bay Jørsel, Center Leader of the Center for Ludomani, (Center for Compulsive Gambling) believes there is a need for a tool like the MitSpil app. We see more and more young people with game problems at our center. Therefore, we welcome all new initiatives that will help young people to keep track of their gambling. MitSpil provides an in-depth overview of one’s consumption – both in terms of time and money. It’s great if the app will be the player’s wake up call before the gets out of control, thus supporting the individual for a more balanced gambling behavior, says Michael Bay Jørsel .

The new version of MitSpil is followed by two TV commercials and online marketing, especially on social media.

The Danish Gambling Authority also offers free information visits to youth education, where students can gain an insight into the rules for gambling in Denmark and what they need to be aware of.