Fourth iGaming licence from Coljuegos

Business News

In Colombia, those who meet the financial, technical and legal requirements established by Coljuegos can operate games of chance and chance “on line”. In this way there are now four websites that offer Internet gambling in a legal way in Colombia (,, and 

Colombia became the first country in Latin America to regulate this modality of game. According to the president of Coljuegos, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, “with this initiative we seek greater resources for the health of Colombians, expanding the portfolio of games through innovative tools and tuning with the global trend towards greater use of new technologies in the world “.

In that sense, Coljuegos – with the help of the National Police – will continue to manage the blockade of unauthorized web pages and promote the entry of more legal operators that help increase resources for the health of Colombians. “We want more operators to obtain the authorization of Coljuegos to achieve a strong sector and in tune with the new technologies,” Pérez Hidalgo concluded.