12BET Sponsored 2017 London Taekwondo World Championships


Following the successful sponsorship of the World Table Tennis Championships held in London in February next year, the recent 12BET has successfully sponsored the 2017 Taekwondo World Championships. The tournament will be held from 19 to 22 October in London, England, where there will be a total of 971 players from 183 countries and regions. It is worth mentioning that the World Taekwondo Championship for the first time in the history of refugee players participating.

12BET spokesman Rory Anderson commented that the sponsor said: “12BET everyone is happy to see the Taekwondo event also joined our expanding sponsor team .12BET has sponsored a number of global international competition before Has 12BET this season will continue to cooperate with the Arsenal club and has launched the British tour of the tour line Next to the 12BET will continue to sponsor a series of sporting events, and now let us together to look forward to next month in London this Taekwondo feast it!

China Taekwondo national team coach Guan Jianmin said: “In the world championships, we have every level of hope red gold, for example, we sent the Olympic champion is the gold medal level, but can not win the gold medal or to see the opponent to not give In short, we now have the main goal is to let young athletes grow up as soon as possible, we do not want to fail, to give young people a chance.

After the end of the Olympic Games, Zhao Shuai due to age and other objective reasons to adjust to -63 kg class. Large level of strength and physical requirements will be higher in the national team before the physical fitness test Zhao Shuai physical performance for the team before the three, which shows that he was in this cycle of physical recovery in good condition. After 2008, the women’s small level has been the advantage of Chinese taekwondo, the World Championship list from Anhui Liu Kaiqi and from Zhejiang Wen Yuntao is also the national team focused on the training of light-level seed players.

It is reported that in the Rio Olympic Games for Jordan to win the Olympic gold medal of Abu Gesh and for the Côte d’Ivoire won the first gold medal of the Olympic Salazh Cisse will participate in men -68 kg and -80 kg class competition, so the game Wonderful degree is worth looking forward to. Women’s -49kg and -67kg gold medalist Korean players Jin Zhaixi and Wu Huili will participate in this -49kg class and +73kg class respectively. At the Rio Olympic Games, four other players will be enrolled in addition to the retired Cheong Min (bronze).

12BET was founded in 2007, has been dedicated to sponsor the Premiership Football Club, has previously sponsored the Leicester City, Newcastle United, Wigan Athletic, Crystal Palace, etc., is still sponsoring Premier League giants Arsenal and just last month Jersey sponsor of West Brom.