Kindred Futures and Cockroach Labs Partner to Build a Next Generation Global Online Gaming Platform

Business News

Kindred Futures, the innovation arm of Kindred Group (previously Unibet Group), today announces a partnership with Cockroach Labs to develop a world leading database solution. This will allow Kindred to greatly improve the experience for its 20 million customers. 

As Kindred Group continues to grow its active customer base around the world, the distance from each customer’s device to the datacentres increases, resulting in potentially lower speeds, performance and reliability. By collaborating with Cockroach Labs to develop a state-of-the-art database solution, Kindred will be able to greatly improve the customer experience across all Kindred brands.

Kindred Futures will collaborate with CockroachDB to investigate specific challenges for Kindred, and drive the product development. As a rapidly expanding business operating in a regulated industry with strict data privacy and technical requirements, Kindred offers an ambitious use-case to help shape the development of CockroachDB. Outside of Google, there is no solution like this, and Cockroach’s unique approach offers a great partnership opportunity for Kindred Futures.

Cockroach Labs are the company behind CockroachDB, the world’s first open source distributed database built to replicate itself around the world and survive even datacentre outages. Founded in 2015 by three ex-Google employees, Cockroach Labs were inspired by the Google Spanner database platform, but sought to make this technology available for businesses around the world. Cockroach Labs recently released CockroachDB 1.1 and closed a $27m Series B round of funding.

Marcus Smedman, CTO of Kindred Group, commented “CockroachDB is exactly the product and team we’ve been seeking as we look for better ways to serve our growing base of global customers. Countries are becoming more protective of their citizens’ data, and we need a partner that can help us to better serve global users while remaining compliant with domestic regulations.”

Spencer Kimball, CEO and Co-Founder of Cockroach Labs, commented “Working with Kindred has been instrumental in helping us refine our product market fit. The real genius in the partnership is its mutual benefit: Kindred helps us build a product better suited to its needs, and they remain at the forefront of technological innovation.”