NetEnt & VE to offer big data media buying services

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NetEnt, a leading digital entertainment company, providing gaming solutions to online casino operators, and Ve Global, a marketing technology business that operates from product discovery through to purchase, have partnered to offer media buying services to online casino operators worldwide. Believed to be the largest data-collaboration of its kind in the iGaming sector, Oslo-listed Gaming Innovation Group Inc (“GiG”), is confirmed as the first customer to benefit from the technology.

The NetEnt and Ve partnership will reduce player acquisition cost and improve retention for online gaming operators worldwide, by creating a media buying platform that offers access to unrivalled audience intelligence and behavioural insights.

This means that casino operators can be more accurate and precise in their marketing activities, while reducing marketing spend and maximising return on marketing investments. The technology will achieve this by building an in-depth but anonymised understanding of online gaming audiences, and then harness this insight to serve display advertising that is more relevant to each user.

The partnership will use Ve’s proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP), a technology developed in-house for media transparency and to reduce the costs built into 3rd party platforms. By pairing Ve’s DSP with NetEnt’s statistical insights, the new service will also give gaming operators more control over their campaigns and the ability to continuously optimise their ads to ensure maximum impact. Oslo-listed Gaming Innovation Group Inc (“GiG”), one of NetEnt’s current customers, is confirmed as the first customer to benefit from the technology.

Enrico Bradamante, Managing Director and Chief of EMO at NetEnt, said: “The partnership between NetEnt and Ve Global is about combining a leading media buying desk platform with a unique source of iGaming data, to serve a demand from international casino operators. We look forward to continue helping our customers stay ahead of the competition by offering a solution for more efficient marketing.”

Morten Tonnesen, CEO at Ve, said: “iGaming customer acquisition has not evolved as quickly as other online sectors and faced with stiff competition, casino operators need to start leveraging data to cost-effectively present advertising to relevant users across the Web. The combination of Ve’s technology and NetEnt’s unique insights means iGaming operators have the opportunity to execute programmatic media buying as efficiently as possible.”

Beta clients will be on-boarded towards the end of 2017, starting with GiG, and the official launch of the media buying service will take place early next year. Both NetEnt and Ve have also reinforced their commitment to protecting and respecting the privacy of those using their technology by adhering to stringent privacy principles in full compliance with applicable regulations.