NSoft strengthens its collaboration with Balkan Bet

Business News

NSoft has confirmed the release of upgraded Greyhound Races on all four delivery channels: web, mobile, retail and terminal for its partner Balkan Bet as another achieved milestone during this strong collaboration.

The collaboration with Balkan Bet is going to be enriched with two new products planned to be released in November. The first one, Virtual Motorcycle Speedway was already presented during the ICE Totally Gaming show in February 2017. It’s a thrilling motorcycle racing sports game involving four riders competing on the oval track, completely designed and animated by the NSoft team.  

The other one is an upcoming game, Slot Car Races, to be presented during the ICE 2018. The new game is based upon pre-recorded footage with the RNG running in the background. Balkan Bet will have the privilege of offering it to its clients on www.balkanbet.rs before the official release.