Asia Live Tech offers bitcoin casino software with online gaming license in Cambodia

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It’s been an innovative year for Asia Live Tech. Kicking it with their new website and a brand new line of services, they could have stopped here for a little while. Fortunately for iGaming operators looking for new possibilities and opportunities, they decided to not rest on their laurels, coming up with two additional solutions that you can blend in one title: Bitcoin Casino Software with Online Gaming License in Cambodia. Let’s explore both of them.

Bitcoin Casino Software

The Bitcoin Casino Software part (also called Bitcoin Online Casino Solution) reveals a modern service, which is the creation of online casinos where payment methods accept cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin of course, but also Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and many others. Built on their White Label software solution, it is a turnkey solution for iGaming operators, where all technical difficulties are handled by Asia Live Tech. Web design, game implementation, payment methods obviously, hosting, protection against hacking and the essential management software to run everything.  They are in charge of all of this, only leaving the operators with marketing and communication to focus on.

It is a thrilling development, as the digital industries have been massively becoming crypto-friendly over the latest months, to the point where coins exclusively designed for its operations are now created by the hundreds. In such a rapidly growing environment, the natural move for Asia Live Tech was to streamline the cryptocurrency implementation, making Bitcoin payments easier to understand, use, and adapt to. Despite the breakthrough the digital currency has been knowing since the beginning of the year, it is still complicated to grasp for newcomers.

Online Gaming License in Cambodia

As for the Online Gaming License in Cambodia, the explanation is simple. Asia Live Tech is giving access to its own Cambodian land casino license so that operators who may face legal issues in neighboring countries, or who find themselves unable to get an individual license, can still get started, using their grounds and facilities. In practice, it means they collaborate with Asia Live Tech to operate, maintain and promote an online casino. Said online casino is the property of the operator, with no restriction or obligation. As they mention on their website, they believe in “complete freedom for operators to work on their success”. They add that they “give unrestricted access to their platform, software, support, and advisors, to help operators, should they need them, at every step of the process”.

To be more specific, the grounds mentioned are the Lucky Ruby and Lucky89 Casinos & Resort. Opened respectively in 2015 and 2011, they host table games 24/7, feeding the streams of their Live Casino Games, with dozens of available rooms for visitors, tourists and now businessmen to settle within. Their main asset, beyond the infrastructure and experience they provide, is the very country they are in. Cambodia is renowned for its friendliness to international entrepreneurs and investors.

It’s also cost-effective, with low taxes and wages, allowing numerous recruitments to support the operation, and rapid growth.