Spanish Online Gambling Revenue Up 37% in Q3

Business News

General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), released figures this week highlighting a revenue growth of more than a third on the same period in 2016.

The report shows that licenced operators in the country generated a healthy combined revenue of €140.5m up until September 30.

That marks a 37% rise in revenue from quarter three in 2016 and continues an impressive trend in what appears to be a burgeoning market place, with increases reported on a like-for-like yearly basis in all three quarters of 2017 so far.

Online casinos were one of the real winners, representing €43.5 million of the revenue generated for Q3. Like-for-like that marked a whopping 54.2% rise with slots unsurprisingly contributing over half (50.9%) of all casino revenue with €22.3m added to the coffers (a rise of 61.7% on last year).

However, it is not just online casinos that are celebrating. Sports books are also rubbing their hands after seeing a 33.7% increase in revenue compared to Q3 last year tabling a substantial €77 million, with in-play betting seeing a real result as it accounted for nearly 60% of wagering revenue and 71.3% of betting volume.

Online poker is also on the up, posting an increase of 6.7% totalling €14.7% and a total quarterly revenue contribution of 10.5%.

Other sectors including bingo has seen a strong result, posting an impressive 30.5% to €2.85m contribution of the total quarterly revenue whilst other casino games such as live roulette, traditional roulette and blackjack all seeing a healthy increase of 91.3%, 16.2% and 40.2% respectively.