FDJ launches eSports online betting


FDJ is well aware of the rapid rise of eSports in today’s world. To ride the wave, the company opens its first sports betting site dedicated to these competitions.

In France, it is strictly forbidden to take bets with real money on eSports competitions. Never mind, the French Games has found the parade by opening a sports betting site where money has no place. Thus, the Parions eSport site will allow amateur punters of the discipline to wager on their favorite teams.

If the user is right in his bet, he will earn points and may appear in the ranking of the best tipsters held game by game. The best tipsters will be rewarded, not with money, but gifts. Thus, it is possible to win prizes such as caps, t-shirts or hoodies with the effigy of the teams of the moment.

Since gambling is prohibited for eSports, FDJ is obliged to settle for symbolic betting. Nevertheless, this allows it to position itself in this area, something always interesting in case of change of legislation. Similarly, players who have never taken the gamble online could slip symbolic bets to the actual wagers. In any case, this new initiative is a testament to the importance of eSports, which is becoming more and more evident in the Olympic Games. The time when the eSports championships were held in half-empty halls seems to be over.

You only have to see the excitement around the Overwatch Cup at La Blizzcon, League of Legends or annual editions of The International on DotA 2 that fill entire stages. FDJ feels that there is something to do with the discipline and places its pawns waiting for a future that looks bright.