EveryMatrix announces new front-end technology for building gaming websites

Business News

EveryMatrix is thrilled to announce the launch of ReactCasino.com website which represents an important milestone in our company’s development.

The new front-end technology supporting the ReactCasino.com site resulted from our company’s past investment and our constant interest to make gaming websites deliver better and faster content.

Among the highlights, we can mention the responsive mobile first approach and the improved performance that are delivered by a completely modular and customizable gaming framework. With the new infrastructure at work, the website’s loading times are greatly reduced and operators do not require any longer separate versions for mobile and desktop.

Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, said: “The new gaming website’s supporting architecture can be rather considered as a web application and less as a traditional site. We are talking about a seamless performance which directly affects the speed and quality of the overall gaming experience. In the end, players have faster access to games and that makes all the difference.”

ReactCasino.com introduces players to an immersive gaming experience while preserving the necessary online security to protect from online threats and attacks. To give you a glimpse of the detailed customization options, the new Content Management System (CMS) provides the possibility to display and modify content using different criteria, such as the user’s language, IPs, registered country, gender, balance statement or betting history.

In addition, modern publishing tools deliver the possibility to save, publish and edit any gaming content from the website, while offering the option to view previous changes, compare and rollback at any moment.

“We are keen to bring to our clients the new front-end and we are sure our new features will respond to their technical and commercial requirements.” added Ebbe Groes.