UKGC sets out plan to improve gambling standards

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The UK’s chief gambling regulator has announced a new five-point strategy which aims to make the gambling industry fairer and safer.

A statement from the UK Gambling Commission outlines this three-year strategy, which ultimately intends to improve industry regulation and build on existing work by the Commission.

Operators who are licensed by the Commission will be expected to adhere to the new framework, which also includes pledges by the regulator to get tough on upholding industry standards.

The strategy builds on work the Commission has been doing to ensure consumers are protected and reveals the vision for further and faster progress in the five priority areas.

Gambling Commission Chair Bill Moyes said: “This is an ambitious strategy to deliver fairer and safer gambling over the next three years. We can only be successful in this by engaging with consumers and by working closely with all our regulatory partners and the industry.

“In the same way that this strategy challenges the industry, we also challenge ourselves – as the regulator – to deliver effective, targeted and innovative regulation.

“At the end of three years we expect to see an industry that strives continuously to raise their standards, treat customers fairly, and protect vulnerable people.”