Free Round Widget added to NetEnt EngageTM portfolio to boost casino performance

Business News

NetEnt, leading provider of digital gaming solutions, continues to underline its pioneer status with the launch of Free Round Widget, a totally new way of rewarding players with free spins, in a fun, innovative and exciting way. The tool will help casino operators increase player engagement and build loyalty. 

NetEnt Engage opens the doors to a whole new world of in-game entertainment, where features and functionalities are triggered by players and controlled by casino operators. The innovative suite of tools allows operators to offer an all-encompassing player experience that’s exclusively tailored and more exciting than ever before.

Bringing Free Round Widget to the NetEnt Engage portfolio heralds a unique way off helping casinos market games, while letting players take a spin at the lucky wheel and win free rounds. An easy-to-use mechanism allows an operator to control the widget configurations and determine outcomes and rewards.

Free Round Widget is fully customisable, with NetEnt customers able to tailor the feature by adding their own branding and messaging, making each one unique. The product will be introduced to all NetEnt games, markets and customers that support free rounds.

Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, says: “Free Round Widget is a great addition to NetEnt Engage, which is packed full of performance-boosting products and features, and another example of how NetEnt is committed to driving the online casino market forward through better gaming solutions. We understand the huge value in placing player engagement at the fore and are constantly working on innovative and exciting ways to facilitate this.”