Swedish state now have 25% of the market

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During the first three quarters of this year, sales in the Swedish gaming market increased by 3 per cent. Non-Swedish companies continue to take market shares.

The gaming market in Sweden had a turnover of SEK 16.5 billion during the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 3 percent compared with the same period last year.

Swedish companies traded SEK 12.5 billion after net income (net), which is as much as in the corresponding period last year. Non-Swedish companies continue to take market shares and estimated an estimated SEK 4 billion, an increase of 11 percent. If you only count on the figures for the third quarter, the market share for non-Swedish players is 25 percent.

  • Svenska Spel had a turnover of SEK 6.5 billion, a decrease of 1 per cent. The land-based games decreased by 5 percent while online games increased by 15 percent.
  • ATG traded SEK 3.1 billion, an increase of 5 percent. The land-based games decreased by 8 percent. Games on the internet increased by 16 percent.

Games and lottery activities (National Lottery):

  • Svenska Postkodföreningen decreased by 1 percent and amounted to SEK 1.7 billion.
  • Folk games , with Bingolotto and Sverigelotten, decreased by 2 percent and traded SEK 349 million.
  • IOGT-NTO , which has, among other things, the Million Lottery, increased by 2 percent and sales of SEK 224 million.
  • SAP / SSU , which, among other things, has the Combined Lottery, decreased by 3 percent and had a turnover of SEK 160 million.
  • Other public lotteries totaled SEK 144 million, a decrease of 3 percent.

Sales figures for some of the smaller lotteries, land-based bingo, restaurant casinos and local and regional lotteries are missing, but the Lottery Inspectorate estimates that they have estimated more than 2 percent of the market, equivalent to 300-400 million.