AXL affiliates acquires Astute Media ltd, in a record-breaking deal


AXL Affiliates Ltd, a global independent iGaming Company based within the EU, announced that it has acquired ASTUTE MEDIA LTD as well as all the firm’s subsidiary companies (twelve). ASTUTE MEDIA LTD is a global advertising platform that delivers over 900M+ ad impressions per day, through its twelve subsidiaries.

The purchase will help AXL Affiliates reach new markets and territories and will strengthen its leading position in the sportsbetting affiliate sector.

“With this amazing acquisition, by far our biggest one so far, we are reaching new heights in our quest for becoming the leading iGaming Affiliate Company in the world. AXL Affiliates is a fast-growing company and I am confident that this acquisition will double the leads that we are delivering to our iGaming partners.” says Alex Munteanu, Founder and President of AXL Affiliates.

The acquisition of ASTUTE MEDIA LTD for the record-breaking amount of £22 million represents a climax for AXL Affiliates who now has all the resources in-house for becoming the biggest sportsbetting affiliate company worldwide. The accession of AXL Affiliates, following this acquisition, will create new opportunities for further expansion as well as for a possible IPO.

“As a result of this acquisition, in the coming weeks, AXL Affiliates will send 10x more traffic to its partners. Our expectations are that by mid-2018 the AXL group will be able to organically send more than 25,000 leads per month.” says Alex Munteanu, Founder and President of AXL Affiliates.

AXL’s aim is to strengthen their position as a leading betting affiliate in Europe as earlier this year the gaming company acquired UK based TipsBetting Media Ltd for £260,000, as well as the sports affiliate website and all their related assets for a record €1.15 million.

AXL Affiliates Ltd is one of the biggest iGaming affiliate companies in the world, delivering 6000 NDC’s per month from their own network of 2000+ gaming and sports related websites.