Rightlander launches with innovative affiliate landing page tracking platform


Rightlander, the ground-breaking affiliate landing page tracker, has completed a hugely successful beta testing phase and has today launched to the market proper.

Rightlander can scan any website and builds a list of affiliate and monetised links connected to it. It follows each of these links to its final destination on the merchant’s website, takes a screen shot, and stores it in a personalised landing page library.

The technology has the power to identify broken landing pages and those that have been significantly altered or lost relevance. It highlights landing pages that have been altered unknowingly, and users are alerted when critical landing page issues occur.

In addition, Rightlander can measure load times, redirect paths and page sizes, and users can download cookie lengths and redirect data for analysis. This, in turn, allows affiliates to make informed decisions on where to send their traffic.

All screenshots, data and information are stored in, and presented though, an intuitive dashboard that allows affiliates to drill down into the pages they are sending traffic to. Data can also be downloaded in a CSV format.

Ian Simsfounder of Rightlander, said: “Rightlander aims to focus affiliate’s attention onto landing page relevance, which is a critical trigger for conversion. It is a powerful platform, allowing them to efficiently and effectively identify broken links and fix them.

“This, in turn, drives conversion and as a result revenues for affiliates. We have had incredible feedback during our beta test period, and are delighted to now be offering Rightlander to affiliates of all shapes and sizes.”

One of the first affiliates to use the Rightlander platform was gg.co.uk, and founder Colin Jeffs says the product is a “boon” for affiliates.

“In an increasingly busy (and needfully compliant) business world, a product which automates a good proportion of the essential administrative work is a boon to the overstretched affiliate.

“Ian’s attention to detail in creating Rightlander, from a practitioner’s perspective, has produced a product which is useful, but also timely in its ability to ensure that one’s business is both functioning correctly and satisfies reinforced operator requirements.”